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Stabilisation and Prevention

Our niche is stabilisation planning and implementation support at the sub-national level in areas affected by criminalised violence.  We work closely with national and local counter-parts to develop stabilisation plans that yield security outcomes without the use of hard security measures.  We do this work for governments of conflict-affected countries and companies looking to stabilise their operating environment.


Our stabilisation and prevention work is applied in all phases of violent conflict, and includes mediation, conflict resolution, negotiation and the design and implementation of preventive socio-economic development programmes. Such efforts involve significant preparation, networking and relationship building, as well as process design.


We design and execute stabilisation and preventive action measures for a range of conflict situations, including intra- and inter-community conflicts, conflicts between corporations and communities, conflicts between armed non-state actors and governments, and disputes between businesses and their labour force.

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Cover-Stabilising Areas Affected By Criminalising

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